Who is justin timberlake dating august 2016

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That criticism culminated in a widely-circulated Buzzfeed article on Aug.19 titled “Dear Justin Timberlake, Just F—ing Stop.” Reporter Matt Stopera tore into Timberlake for exhaustively using his 2002 breakup with Spears to play the victim and boost his career.In 2016, Timberlake was featured in a new version of "Where Is the Love? The talented singer and actor has dated many girls the past.And recently he has been married to an actress Jessica Biel. Similarly, Timberlake and his wife Biel hosted a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Los Angeles in August 2016.Needless to say, this one won’t get too high of a rating from us. Sources say, one night, he played basketball with her for Scandalous! February 2007 marked the start of rumors stating that JT was onto his next girlfriend Jessica Biel. They dated for round two just under a year when they officially tied the knot and got married in Italy in 2012!We’ve been told that they made a really cute couple, but it wasn’t a thing long enough for us to see for ourselves. It’s no wonder they got together- they’re both gorgeous, talented, and rock the red carpet! it went all the way from 2007 to March of 2011 when they called it quits due to (allegedly) a year of break up rumors that were just too much for the couple. The wedding ceremony was absolutely astonishingly gorgeous and the Hollywood couple has been smooth-sailing since!

Even though it ended messy, they’ll still go down as Prom King & Queen of the early 2000s— which brings us to our rating of 1 /5.

At the age of 11, Timberlake appeared on the television show Star Search, performing country music songs as "Justin Randall".

In 19, he was a cast member in The Mickey Mouse Club, where his castmates included future girlfriend and singer Britney Spears.

Writing for the New York Daily News, Jim Farber reviewed the opening show at Barclays Center.

Farber described the concert as a "study in suave ease.

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