Validating fonts

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Both Apple and Microsoft provide utilities for you to find corrupt fonts.This allows you to reinstall the fonts so that they work properly. On Windows computers it is located in the "Windows" folder on your "C" drive.Eventually, of course, you'll recognize what each error message means without having to look up the explanation, but when you're starting out these help files are invaluable.Your goal is simple: to bring your page to a state where it doesn't generate any errors at all.An often used validator is the World Wide Web Consortium's HTML Validator.It's provided by the same people who are responsible for the HTML specification, and more importantly most of its error messages provide a link to an explanation of what the error means.

You may also experience lagging or freezing when programs attempt to load these fonts.Quirks may cause web pages to behave differently in different browsers, and even different versions of the same browser.One way to help you make web pages, that work across multiple browsers is to use an HTML validator, that can help you identify problems and quickly correct them.You can delete all these fonts after installing Office 2008 or Office 2011.Starting with Leopard, 10.5 and Snow Leopard, 10.6 the fonts installed by the OS include many of the same named fonts Office installs on your system resulting in duplicates.

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