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The character is inspired by the character Son Wukong (otherwise known as "The Monkey King") from the story Journey to the West.

Bred from the genetic template of the bounty hunter Jango Fett, clone troopers represented the latest evolution in galactic warfare at the time, largely due to their superiority over battle droids.Check out the "For Developers" page to see what progress is being made to port CHDK to additional cameras and firmware versions.You'll also find articles describing the porting process there. Their formal introduction as the Republic's new military force coincided with the outbreak of a galaxy-wide civil war; various members of the Republic attempted to secede from the galactic government in order to form the breakaway state known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems.The ensuing conflict gained its name—the Clone Wars—from the clones who made their debut in the first full-scale war since the formation of the millennial Republic.

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