Updating to snowleopard dec 09

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It will keep all of your files, folders, preferences and applications untouched while replacing essential system files.

In a nutshell, your entire home folder will be backed up and restored after the installation process is over.

As this was the goal of Google Desktop, the product will be discontinued".You can’t format the external usb harddrive from anything lower than an existing snow leopard 10.6.0 machine.Just to be clear: installing hackintosh directly from 10.6.3 doesn’t work, and won’t ever work.If you want to use an earlier version of OS X you will need to use an earlier version of Firebird.The first impression I got upon hearing that Apple would be releasing Snow Leopard was that its price was unbelievably affordable. This means that if you are currently running Tiger, you’ll have to purchase the Snow Leopard Mac Box Set which sells for 9.

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