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PARIS – Dating site Gleeden can keep singing the praises of cheating, a French court ruled Thursday in throwing out a complaint from a federation of Catholic families that the site’s business model is immoral and illegal because it encourages extramarital affairs.

A Paris civil court said that promoting infidelity in advertisements wasn’t unlawful because adultery isn’t a criminal offense in France and that cheating on one’s spouse is a private matter.

Chloe Burgin said: “We noticed that the 'special deals’ promoted in Spain were more expensive than similar deals promoted in the UK. It transpires that the cheapest deals are on the French site – but it’s impossible to book online with a UK address and postcode.” She said they initially called the UK booking office, asking to book the deal promoted on the French website. So she then called the French booking office, and asked to be put through to someone who spoke English. “Not only were we able to book the package, they gave us a better hotel for the same price.” So how much can you save?

The Burgins reduced the cost of their summer break by almost £200.

But log on instead to the French website ( and you can get a virtually identical package – same number of people, same hotel and same dates – for €3,391.

The National Confederation of Catholic Family Associations had asked the court to ban Gleeden from referring to extramarital relations in its communications and to say that the contracts between the website and its 3 million users were unlawful and void, which would have hampered the very activity of the dating site.

The French Catholic association had accused Gleeden of helping people commit adultery and break one of the obligations of marriage.

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Like many capitals, Paris has its own river running through, the River Seine.

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