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Student Loan Hero provides customers with the support they need to organize, manage and repay their student loans.

Based in Austin, Texas, the company has helped more than 60,000 Americans to get out of debt faster.

As a borrower, you might have questions about how the consolidation process works.

Review the following questions and find what you need to know about consolidating student loans.

If you're wondering what you need to know about consolidating student loans, find answers to the questions you have before consolidating in this guide from Citizens Bank.

Do you have loans with more than one lender or servicer? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, you may want to consider consolidating your federal student loans.

With consolidation all of your individual federal student loans are paid off and one new loan is created for you.

The length of your repayment term on a federal consolidation loan will depend on the total principal balance of the loans you choose to consolidate.

The chart below indicates the maximum repayment terms: To estimate your monthly payment view the consolidation chart or enter your loan amounts into a loan consolidation calculator.

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