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Two gay high school students whose quotes were removed from their senior yearbook say they’re “disheartened and angry” at the “senseless censorship” behind the move.

Joey Slivinski and Thomas Swartz, who recently graduated from Kearney High School in Missouri, told KCTV they submitted their senior quotes for the yearbook on time just like their classmates — only to realize that something was amiss when they cracked open the keepsake.

The suspension is an unfortunate new chapter in this ongoing saga.

School dances have long been places where perspectives and politics often clash.

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At the time, an administrator wrote in an email to Sanderson that he "really struggl[ed] with [the school's] permitting" Sanderson to bring a same-sex date.Swartz, meanwhile, had submitted this: “If Harry Potter taught us anything, it’s that no one should have to live in the closet.” Slivinski, in a Facebook post last week, said he had always felt that his sexual orientation was respected in his community until his quotes were scrubbed.“I put a very innocent quote as my senior quote and they took it away from me with absolutely no warning or option to change it,” Slivinski wrote, adding, “Our schools are supposed to be a place that you can express being who you are.” Swartz said in a Facebook post that he didn’t need to be “protected from small minded people” and that he came out to his parents when he was 15 years old.Then, try out the different online dating sites listed below, broken down by long term dating and meet up type, and see which one best suits your dating goals.OKCupid OKCupid has grown rapidly, starting from a humble collection of guys into more substance than the scene.

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