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Type Tango is the serious way to find the kind of person you're looking for, whether you're interested in romance or just friendship.Type Tango gets right the two essentials which other websites typically ignore: personality and values.This happens because ENTJs like to question authority and ISTJs usually respect authority without much question.When an ENTJ is the employee, she will often question plans and procedures thinking they are negotiable and that they can be better and more efficient.Copyright © 2002-2017 Type Tango Myers Briggs Dating Personals. As a result, it is can be difficult for these two to find common ground as one would always have to be using their inferior function in order for natural communication to take place.The ISTJ remembers facts, places, and uses past events to predict future outcomes.

The ISTJ takes in the world in a concrete/matter of fact manner.

Roles in society also play an important factor here.

For example, an ENTJ can work spectacularly well with ISTJ employees but if it’s the other way around conflict can arise often.

That being said, there is an element of opposites-attract to this pairing, as the ENFP may find the grounded nature of the ISFJ comforting and the ISFJ may enjoy the excitement the ENFP brings to their life.

Additionally, both parties tend to be quite committed to the relationships they enter into and are therefore willing to work as a team to make the relationship a happy and healthy place to be.

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