Desktop dating invitation email

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When users create events in i Cal, they are presented with an option to add attendees to the event and have the program send an email invitation to the listed individuals.

Some users are having problems with this feature, in which the wrong account is being used to receive invitation replies.

When I send personal invitation in i Cal from my Mobile Me email address, they ALWAYS get returned to my work email address.This site saved me money because I didn’t have to buy response cards, envelopes, and stamps.I also like the “green” feature of not wasting paper. I spent a long time searching for a customizable RSVP form that my corporate client could use seamlessly on their website. fit the bill perfectly, and I’ll be recommending the tool to future clients.My husband did suggest that we restore our computer to a date before the date I opened the email message from a "friend" sending the desktop dating invite so that this would prevent the trojan on our computer from continually sending out more email messages to our contacts asking them if they received the "invite" from me to desktop dating!!I hope this helps you and prevents your computer from contiinually sending out the "invites" to desktop dating.

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