Dating of p46 lights dating devil wears prada

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Since the first extant page is numbered 17 (folio 8), and starts with Romans 5.17, we can extrapolate that the manuscript began with Romans 1 and is missing the outer seven double leaves.

dating of p46-39

dating of p46-75

dating of p46-44

With 86 of the original 104 leaves still extant, scholars have a good amount of material to work with as to whether it would have originally contained the pastorals. This means that all the double leaves (or bifolia) were laid down on top of each other, then folded and sewn into the binding.This can only mean that all the bifolia were laid down in one stack, folded, then trimmed on the outside so that all the leaves were relatively flush.(The later, standard quire was eight leaves [or four double leaves], used throughout the early to middle ages.) Second, each page is numbered by the original scribe. Usually the quires are numbered, and frequently the leaves were numbered (on the front page), but not the pages. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1935, esp. University of Michigan Studies, Humanistic Series 38.

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