Dating girl lives her ex

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her ex has quiet a temper, and has fought her a few times before. she says she loves me too but isnt sure if she wants to move out. anyways im not sure i i should just move on or wait for her.. all my friends cant believe she doesnt wanna be with me.

i told my girlfriend she could live with me, even as a friend! i kno its a lil early in the relationship, but like i said i offered her to even stay with me as a FRIEND.(she has nowhere else to go) her &her ex were bestfriends before they started dating.

I don’t like it but I can’t tell her that because it would annoy her.But there’s a very thin line between missing an ex on memory lane, and missing an ex and pining over him.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... There was someone whom I exchanged messages with POF . She later closed her account, but she gave me her number beforehand.[Read: How to deal with your girlfriend’s annoying ex boyfriend] Is your girlfriend still in love with her ex boyfriend? And you won’t always notice the signs immediately if your girl is still lost in thoughts about her ex.Sometimes, you may just find her being distant and aloof. She may appear sad and bored when she’s with you, and even keep her distance from you now and then.

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