Dating a celebrity dream meaning

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Your desire ambitions and efforts to become successful.

Because the person you are dreaming about represent qualities in you, the person may, because of their life or role, represent a particular quality such as courage, love, ‘ruling’ drives in life, authority, etc.

If you dream about being friends with a celebrity, your dream is telling you that you should have higher self-esteem. You need to work on believing that you are a special person.

It is not uncommon that a real-life obsession with a certain celebrity may carry over onto your dream world.

How you interact with people around you can be critical in understanding yourself.

If you spend all day thinking about someone famous, there is a good chance that you might see that person in your dream.

When you spend all of your waking thoughts about a certain person, that person will start to show up in your dreams.

To dream of your friends being happy and in good health suggests that your friends will wish you well or visit.

In addition, your friends' relatives may bring you some good news.

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